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CH IT* Stella Del Falco D'Oro, JW

Brown Classic Tabby Exotic

Sire: IC Oscar Del Falco D'Oro, JW
Dam: Welcome Melody

Breeder: Roberta Colombo & Domenico Falasca, Italy

Grazie for letting our dream come true!

Multiple BIS Winner

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CH, PR LV* Nostri Vincent Switch My Buttons

Tortie Spotted Tabby Exotic

Sire: CFA & FIFe CH DK* Star Wars Return Of The Jedi
Dam: CH Ormeryds Jane Schaffer

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IC FI* Elrikan Fazer

Red Spotted Tabby and White Bi-Color Male

Sire: GIC LV* Nostri Vincent More Than A Feeling, EXO w 62
Dam: IC FI* Chevhill's Piece of Gold, PER d 02 62

Breeder: Elena Kalliola, Finland

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IC FIN* Siriuksen BambiCurl, JW

Tortie Silver Spotted Tabby And White American Curl Shorthair

Sire: CH Rinaldo of Boomer, JW
Dam: GIC, SGC, GC, RW DBCats Heartbreaker of Siriuksen
Breeder: Satu Hamalainen & Marika Nystrom, Finland

Multiple BIS Winner

COTY #2 Youngster 2006 in the Baltic States

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